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AIR BOGUS is a "Airport Simulation RPG" game. Combining the gameplay of Airport check-in simulation and story telling that of a RPG game.

Working as a airport check-in attendant is not easy. Rude passengers, favors, stress from co-workers and managers. You have to follow promo's in certain flights, handle luggage and special requests.

Your future depends on your performance AND your relationship with your co-workers and boss. Depending on your acts with co-workers, it will determine how you end your training year at Air Bogus.


Player - As the newest member of the airport check-in team, you learn the ropes and execute the check-in process. Be sure to always give excellent customer service at all cost.

Lili - Air Bogus Manager and your team leader. Lili demands highly of her subordinates, highly talented and valued by the company, Lili expects the best in her team.

Boss Wang - Founder and CEO of Air Bogus. Always watch your language when you are talking to him.


1) As a check-in attendant, you will be asked to check the passports of the passengers, and verify their identity.
2) Give them the proper seat, and meal.
3) Charge excess luggage.
4) Check if there is something illegal in the luggage.
5) Execute special flight promotions.
6) Co-workers will ask for "favors," depending on your actions, it will affect the ending of the game.

Trailer Here


AirBogus1.0.exe 278 MB


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Interesting idea for a game, feels like you put a lot of effort into making it. I Started by making a short game play video:

Ended up making a bit of a series out of it, more videos every day this week.


Hey thank you! It took me 5 months!


I am curious with your decision to need to move the in game cursor using arrow keys instead of the mouse. Was that a issue with the program you made the game in? Or was it something you specifically added too make the job feel more montonus?

RPGmaker engine has no mouse suppport =(

Deleted post

I am doing 2 projects with backing right now. It would be hard without time payment.